What is Science Olympiad?

Science Olympiad is a national organization that hosts academic competitions across the nation for students from K-12th grade. These competitions test students’ teamwork and knowledge in a broad range of science-related categories including chemistry, anatomy, physics, and engineering mechanics/technology. With over 300 competitions held nationwide every year, Science Olympiad encourages the spread of STEM education and critical thinking to students all across the United States.

Our Mission

As Science Olympiad alumni themselves, the founders of FISO experienced firsthand the engaging atmosphere that Science Olympiad had created in their respective communities. Filled with a drive to share the vast resources at Notre Dame’s disposal with the Northern Indiana Region, Fighting Irish Science Olympiad was created in 2021 FISO hopes to enrich the lives of students in the Northern Indiana/Great Lakes region by allowing them an outlet to compete and test their skills at an accessible Science Olympiad event. 

FISO firmly believes that by giving students a chance to immerse themselves at a highly academic institution we can foster an interest for the STEM field within future generations.